Who We Are
Who We Are

The Loggia founds its reason for being in its passion for wine and over the years has built its professionalism by developing a business model focused on the quality of products, attention to providing appropriate services, and the desire to establish relationships of fairness and transparency with customers and suppliers.

Over time, we have specialized in a sector that undoubtedly characterizes us: that of old vintages.

We are talking about wines ranging from the 1930s to the late 1980s. Here, thanks to a series of carefully nurtured contacts and relationships, we manage to produce an average volume of about 20,000-25,000 bottles per year.

It is the sector that sets us apart the most and historically has provided us with the most interesting international contacts.

In this field, every purchase is handled with great care, and the historic bottles are individually inspected, checking their condition through a thorough examination of color, fill level, cork condition, label integrity, and capsule integrity.

Today – and for the past 25 years – our commercial commitment extends internationally. We are present in North America (United States and Canada), most of Europe, and various Asian markets (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan).

Our history.
Our history.
Our history.
Our history.

Orvieto; 1987

The Loggia originates from the idea of three friends: Laura, Carlo, and Claudio, who decide to open a wine shop in the charming historic center of Orvieto. It founds its reason for being on a passion for wine, and over the years, manages to build its own professionalism. The choice seemed very courageous at the time because in those years, the culture of quality wine was not yet present and widespread; people mostly drank local wine, often bulk, following the typical approach of the tavern.

The wine shop presented itself as an innovative retail point, as well as a place to gather information and exchange opinions about wine.


The first half of the 1990s marks the beginning of international trade. The existence of a foreign demand for ‘quality Italian wines’ is perceived, and it is promptly intercepted. Thus, the company starts organizing itself to respond to that demand consistently and with the utmost professionalism. In 1995, two new partners join: Alessandro and Massimo.


In the latter part of the 1990s, La Loggia continues its expansion and begins to venture overseas, securing its first clients in the New York area.

At the beginning of the new millennium, it leaves its historic headquarters, acquiring a larger premises allowing for an expansion of staff, both in administration and logistics.

This leads to a workforce suitable for the phase of strong growth, and today the company counts a total of 16 employees, including partners-administrators and collaborators.

At the end of 2012, the new headquarters is inaugurated, bringing together offices and storage warehouses in a single building located in the industrial area of Orvieto. The retail point remains in the historic center, also extensively renovated and adapted to the changing needs.


In recent years, there has been a consolidation of results in the aforementioned markets, with increasingly close and productive relationships with the best players globally.

The real innovation, from a business perspective, comes when we decide to get involved in production ourselves. With the 2015 harvest, our first creation comes to life: the Toscaia, a Tuscan Red IGT produced in collaboration with a highly reliable winery.

Our mission

Our ‘mission’ is to spread Italian wine worldwide and to make known the great quality that our country can express.

The guiding values of our entrepreneurial existence are passion for wine, enthusiasm for our work, the pursuit of high professionalism, and a constant drive for excellence.

To achieve these ambitious goals, our daily actions are aimed at emotionally engaging all staff members, enhancing the creative, intellectual, and professional abilities of each individual, and creating a culture of knowledge that is shared at all levels of the organization.

Our Slogan