Our experience started in 1987 with the opening of a winery in the historic centre of Orvieto.

In the early 90’s we came across the great interest in high-quality Italian wines and promptly took steps to meet the international market demand of these so-called ‘fine wines’ or ‘premium wines’.

At that time the organization was founded by a partnership of three: Carlo Maggi, Claudio Pacelli and Laura Punzi; a further two members, Alessandro Punzi and Massimo Vittori, joined later in 1995.

Today, each team relies on the valuable support of our 7 collaborators engaged in the secretarial, administrative and logistic offices: Maria Francesca Criccomoro, Stefania Balio, Rossana Fico, Chiara Gabrielli, Francesco Fringuello, Matteo Fringuello, Federica Capezzali.

We take pride in our retail outlet, expanded and renovated in 2013 and located in the pedestrian zone in the old part of town.

Since November 2012 we moved in a new building located in the industrial area of the town. Now office and warehouse are in the same place where we can store 50.000 bottles in a temperature controlled cellar.

Our suppliers are regular wine producers, but when it comes to out of stock vintage wines we contact other wineries, restaurants or private wine collectors..

Great attention is given to the purchase of these rare wines and each bottle is thoroughly examined, one by one, to ensure that the colour, wine level, stopper, label and wrapping guarantee perfect conservation.

Our experience in the business has gradually expanded and today we are present in several European countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, UK, Denmark, Spain) as well as other markets in Russia, USA, the far East (Hong Kong, Singapore) and Latin America. We regard ourselves as a competent and reliable liaison between supply and demand of high-quality wines.


Our ‘mission’ is to promote Italian wine worldwide and express through this product the high-quality our country is capable of.

The key values of our initiative are Passion for wine, Enthusiasm for work and continuous stride to Professionalism and Excellence.

In order to reach these ambitious objectives we aim, day by day, to emotionally involve our staff, to enhance intellectual, creative and professional abilities so that the culture of knowledge is shared by everyone at all levels.

Our Motto

People may doubt what we say but believe in what we do.