Typical Geographic Indication


Production Region: Tuscany

Grape Varieties: Blend of grapes authorized by the production regulations

Toscaia is a Tuscan IGT red wine, produced from a blend of carefully selected grapes specifically chosen to represent the quintessential Tuscan red characteristics, from its ruby red color to the aromas of red fruits, to its significant structure suitable for aging. A wine that, expressing all the principles of the best Tuscan reds, fully contributes to becoming an excellent expression of Italian viticulture.

Toscaia is produced from vineyards in the province of Siena, in southern Tuscany. Its Tuscan origins play a crucial role in defining its quality thanks to the perfect combination of climate and soil. Tuscany is renowned for being one of Italy’s most famous regions for the production of high-quality red wine. Its green and gentle hills, mild and soothing climate, and pristine countryside are elements that not only contribute to its charm in terms of landscape but also underscore its natural vocation as a land dedicated to vine cultivation.

Technical Information about the Terroir

The main composition of the soil is moderately limestone-clayey, an important characteristic for the proper development of the plants and the grapes themselves, which are harvested from late September to October when they reach the right level of ripeness. They are destemmed, crushed, and then transferred to stainless steel tanks for the fermentation of the crushed grapes with their skins.

This process lasts approximately 8 to 10 days with a constant controlled temperature of 23-25°C. Once fermentation is complete, the “young wine” is transferred to new French oak barriques for about 6 months to undergo necessary malolactic fermentation after 2 to 3 days of maceration on the grape skins.

Tasting Notes

It's an extraordinary wine that literally flows like the finest silk on the palate. The predominant fruity character of sour cherries and forest berries is complemented by soft hints of vanilla and sweet spices.


It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with pasta dishes and various meat courses.

Alcohol Content


Serving Temperature

18°/20° C


Quality rating by Luca Maroni = 98

Sensations: A wine of perfect palatal softness, with its dense tannin harmoniously wrapped in the pulpy suavity of ripe grapes, and with the executive oenological clarity that elevates its scent of blackberry and oak balsams to pure olfactory fragrances. Qualities of aromatic integrity and flavor balance that its majestic extractive consistency amplifies in persistence and volume. One of Italy’s finest reds, of pure and prime pleasantness and fruitiness.

Awards: 1st Best Red Wine by Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2019 Luca Maroni