Operational base

For over 30 years in the wine market

“Le persone possono dubitare di ciò che dici, ma crederanno a ciò che fai.”

Lewis Cass

La Loggia founds its raison d’être on the passion for wine and builds over the years its own professionalism by developing a business model oriented towards product quality, meticulous attention in providing adequate services, and the willingness to establish relationships of fairness and transparency with customers and suppliers.

The Tavern

Exceptional location just a few meters from the Duomo.

“Il vino non si beve soltanto, si annusa, si osserva, si gusta, si sorseggia e… se ne parla. “

Edoardo VII

A place where you can relax and enjoy a good glass of wine accompanied by delicious gastronomic preparations, made by selecting high-quality ingredients.

The wine shop

Rare and prestigious wines

"Il vino è poesia imbottigliata!"

R.L. Stevenson

La Loggia is located in Orvieto, just a few steps from the Torre del Moro, an important monument in the Umbrian town. The wine shop can boast a selection of over 700 labels that tell the story of Italy through wine. Our passion and extensive experience in the industry, enthusiasm for our work, and constant pursuit of quality allow us to select from the many Italian wine excellences and to build an offer that is always at the forefront and rich in content to best satisfy both wine lovers and experts.

Passion for the fascinating world of wine


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