Product availability

All wines offered on this site are stocked at our temperature controlled warehouses.

They are offered subject to availability, and their availability is confirmed when an order is placed.


For sales and general queries please phone (+39 0763 341657), fax (+39 0763 344371), or e-mail (

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


All prices are shown in Euros, per single bottle.

Prices are excluded of IVA (VAT) of 22% and must be applied as per the following:

The following are exempt of VAT charges:


Orders must be paid within 15 days of order confirmation.

Payments can be made via wire transfer or credit card (all major credit cards are accepted, except American Express).

We reserve the right, with written notification, to cancel any order that has not been paid within the due date.


Shipping costs may vary based on country of destination and order quantity.

Once an order has been confirmed, an estimate of shipping costs can be given.

As per customer request, goods can be insured for loss, damage, and/or theft; an estimate of these costs can be given when an order is confirmed.

Orders exceeding 3,000 Euros (three thousand) are exempt from shipping and insurance costs(only for European areas).

Acceptance of goods

Upon delivery, the buyer has the obligation to inspect all goods for any shortage and/or damages and to notify us immediately.

If no notification has been received within 3 days of delivery, we will no longer be responsible for any refunds due to shortage/damage or any other discrepancy.

We shall not be liable for any loss/damage caused by natural circumstances beyond our control (Force Majeure).

Product quality

All bottles purchased by us are meticulously selected; our specialized experts verify the state of preservation with specific attention to:

We are not liable for the organoleptic condition of our products, specifically in aged wines.

Any substitution of goods and/or refunds is subject to our discretion.

Governing law

This agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the Italian state law.

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